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Singer Island Spring Activities!

Singer Island Summer Activities

Winter is here and there are a multitude of Singer Island spring activities to enjoy! Don’t forget that Singer Island is a year-round resort destination. Here you will find Drift Fishing, Parasailing, Charter Fishing, River Tours, Food Tours, Snorkeling, SCUBA, Sunset Catamaran Cruises and much more to experience. Many of …

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Singer Island Fishing Is Fantastic Year Round!

Singer Island fishing, fishing charter boats

Singer Island fishing is among the best in the United States. Nowhere the does fertile Gulf Stream current come closer to the mainland than along Palm Beach County. In fact, the southern tip of Singer Island is the easternmost point of Florida. These are your best Singer Island fishing bets …

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The History of Singer Island

History of Singer Island

First occupied by the Jaega Indians approximately 3,000 years ago, the first record of a non-indigenous settlement on Singer Island was in 1906 with Inlet City. Inlet City was a spontaneous community of fishermen and squatters, most of whom came from nearby Riviera Beach and the Bahamas. Fishermen were attracted …

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